Unity Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
We Have A Place For You

About Unity

What are you looking for in a church? At Unity, you will find....

 A Place for Friendship -- In the midst of a frantic lifestyle, we all need someone who we can call our friend! At Unity Baptist of Richmond, we provide an atmosphere where all people can build bonds of concern and genuine commitment to one another. Our circle is ever-widening and there is a place for you!
A Place for Learning -- To us, gathering around the open word of God is vital because it provides practical solutions for the challenges of today's complex world. Classes and departments are organized to provide learning experiences that are consistent with personal learning readiness. Each session is Biblically based, Christ-centered, need-oriented and life application focused. We utilize varied curriculums based upon age, life station and personal need.

A Place for Enrichment  -- For every person at every age level there are a myriad of activities - family activities, age level activities, fellowships and focused studies that will allow you the opportunity to grow and mature in your journey of faith.

A Place for Service  -- Our purpose is to equip our members to express their faith in practical and tangible ways. We want to help you identify your gifts and talents and then provide creative avenues for you to express them.

A Place for Worship -- The primary reason we meet is to express our love to God for His grace and compassion extended through His Son Jesus Christ. We do this corporately, but also through the Bible study experience. We hope you experience this joy today!