Unity Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
We Have A Place For You


Sunday School

Considered by many as the "meat" of the worship experience, Unity provides Sunday School classes from toddlers to seniors and every age in between. Starting at 9:30 a.m., it's in Sunday School where you have an opportunity to ask questions and hear others' ideas, experiences and beliefs. Interactive by nature, Sunday School adds to your worship experience


Copies of Life Lessons and Life Words are available
from our Sunday School Office. Both contain Bible
Commentary by our Pastor for the October lesson

Vacation Bible School

Each Year Unity is the site of a week of excitement and adventur for Children through Adults. The Theme is different each year but under the direction of Sherri Wilson, our Vacation Bible School is a time of growth and discovery. Watch for the announcement sharing time and date of the Vacation Binble School for 2011.

Weekly Bible Study

We have Bible Study each week on Wednesday Evening at 6:30 PM by our Pastor in the Sanctuary for all who are interested. Additional groups within the church provide Bible Studie as well, including the WMU, Young Married, College and Career, TeamKID and Youth. For the current studies being conducted by these groups, contact the church office for the name of the contact person.